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Paul Hill

Salford Therapy exists to be an easily accessible resource and help to persons in managing and overcoming emotional and psychological difficulties, which sometimes encompasses physical symptoms. It is my belief that a client should not have to fold into one model of therapy; I am able to use several different approaches and techniques to provide the model of therapy which best suits the client's needs. I am able to offer psychological therapy, counselling, hypnotherapy and EMDR for people in the Salford/Manchester area; the Services page describes more about each type of help.

Dealing with life’s problems using counselling

In the 21st Century, particularly in the last few years, it feels as if we have all been beset with many problems, most commonly anxiety and depression. Stress is so prevalent in today’s pressurised society. Loss, caused by many different situations, is a major trigger for many distressing symptoms, including unhealthy fear, anger, guilt or shame.

Traumatic events both recent and from the past can beset us, and we can feel lost and isolated; not understood, alone with our emotions and fears and unable to be who we want to be; not able to cope as we did once. Counselling can help. I have many years' counselling experience and training; see my About Me page. And my Testimonials page offers many comments from people I have worked with.

A personal invitation to counselling, hypnotherapy or EMDR

We are committed to assist in your personal development. An aim is that when you leave Salford Therapy, you are better equipped and have the tools to help you to act as your own therapist. My Counselling page describes more about what happens in counselling. Contact me if you have any queries or would like to make an initial appointment.

We have one life. How can I make the most of mine?

The answer is, by courageously addressing those issues which hinder your personal development, happiness, and contentment. We all have the potential to be happy; resolving issues and problems are the stepping stones to achieving that goal. As adults we have two allies: the first is our ability to make choices and the second is to recognise we are responsible for ourselves. Positive change is possible.

It can be helpful to do this through participation in counselling, working through your concerns, issues and difficulties with a therapist giving professional support. See the FAQ page for answers to common questions you may have; and the Contact page for more practical details.

Contact me

For more information or to make a first exploratory appointment, email Salford Therapy or call 01617369444 or mobile 07717345477.