Salford Therapy

Paul – a counsellor in Salford
A personal story

Born in London in 1953, I moved to Salford when I was four (with a “cockney accent” I'm told).

In the mid eighties, I suffered what today would be classed as “burnout”. I thought at the time I was losing my mind. On reflection I was suffering from severe stress. Anxiety and anger issues were pressing down on me and causing me to have nightmares, shingles and unbelievable physical tension in my neck and upper back. Still, I was reluctant to go to counselling (25 years ago there was a stigma particularly with men, and I was no different). But I was desperate. My enlightened GP sent me to the Red House, in Salford, where I was introduced to the dark art of counselling.

I confided in my wife but no one else. Four months later, after 12 sessions, I had come out of that place, psychologically, emotionally and physically coping with my lot better. It was a good start. It had unknowingly changed the course of my life.

In 1997, I was doing some work with some homeless individuals, and I was unable to help them as I wished. A friend suggested that maybe if I went on a counselling foundation course I could be of more use to them. So I did.

So you can see my journey which led me to be a counsellor began when first I was sitting in the “clients chair.”

Since that time I have increasingly recognised that counselling in its many different guises and models is a powerful means of empowering each one of us. See my Counselling page for more information about how I work.

Qualifications and experience in therapy and hypnotherapy

I am a qualified registered Senior Accredited Counsellor within the British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists (BACP)

To remain as a Senior Accredited Counsellor, it is a pre-requisite to continually maintain and update your skills as a therapist, so I am constantly involved in ongoing personal development work.

In addition I am a qualified hypno-therapist, registered with The Hypnotherapy Association. I am also trained and qualified to the level of Advanced certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, as well as being a qualified Reki Master. Trained extensively in the Enneagram, I have practised Mindfulness on a daily basis since 1997. I have trained under Babette Rothschild, one of the leading exponents of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), in Somatic Therapy. I trained in EMDR, and am a registered member of the EMDR Association. EMDR is a relatively new technique which enables clients to process and begin to break the tethers of the symptoms which beset them.

My scope of work extends to working as a volunteer clinician with victims of torture. Principally work with male refugees, asylum seekers who have fled a war torn country or repressive regime and who suffered significant complex trauma. Since 2006, I have also worked with one of the North West's leading Occupational Health providers, a different environment working in a time limited way helping clients deal with the pressures, stresses of life and work in the 21st century. Having spent the previous six years working in a local GP practice. Which again was a different challenge involving a broad section of persons with a wide and diverse range of presenting issues. Of course this is complimented with seeing clients on a private basis. I saw my first client in January 2000 since then I have seen many hundreds of clients from the Salford and Manchester area, covering thousands of sessions.

Make contact

For more information, or to make an initial appointment, email me or call me on 07890 514; 034 01617369444 or 07717345477. See my Contact page for more practical information about fees, venue and other matters.