Salford Therapy


The following is a representation of some of the comments I have received over the years. It is both very humbling and gratifying that these clients felt able to provide such positive feedback. People's names and specific details have been omitted, in line with ethical and confidential practice.

“I found Paul very professional, impartial, non judgemental and supportive. His respect for confidentially enabled me to explore very personal issues.”
“I was helped. I appreciated the guidance for furthering my knowledge and self awareness after the completion of our time together.”
“The hypnotherapy recordings were especially helpful; it has had a big impact on my sense of self and well being.”
“I felt this was a positive, life changing event for me”
“I was offered excellent strategies which responded to my needs”
“I felt particularly supported by the hypnotherapy sessions.”
“I was sceptical about the value of therapy, but I can say, I found it useful and a great deal of help”
“It was fantastic!”
“I feel much “stronger” in myself; better able to cope on a number of levels.”
“It was both excellent and very beneficial.”
“Very helpful, I got something out of each individual session.”
“I was wary of attending, but I was made to feel comfortable, and importantly not judged”
“Paul is very passionate towards his work, he has the ability to listen and not judge.”
"I was very unsure about any counselling, but after the first session I felt very positive and at ease. I feel I have gained many useful tools and resources to help me in life which I will continue to practice. Being able to discuss my feelings with someone with such understanding has been a very valuable experience. Thank you Paul I am most grateful."
"I would like to thank Paul from the bottom of my heart. He has helped me so much. I wish I could see him every week, but I know that he has given me the tools I need to cope and has made me a stronger person. I didn’t feel judged, I was able to change so that I can now deal with things effectively without compromising who I am."
"It has made a huge difference to lots of things I think about and approaches. Paul was an excellent listener, very responsive. I couldn’t fault the counsellor and the service he provided."
"I felt comfortable with Paul and able to express my emotions, he showed empathy and my needs were met. I have learned things about myself that will continue to help me in the future. Counselling has helped me; I wish I had it years ago. Thank you Paul."
"This was the difference between recovery and possible suicidal thoughts and self harm."
"I found Paul absolutely responsive to my needs, highly professional and skilled."
"The counselling offered has been excellent, thank you Paul. Coming to counselling is the best move I have made."
"Paul was very professional and helpful."
"I feel I was provided with excellent counselling which helped me cope after the bereavement of my…."
"The counsellor got me to express myself very well, I was able to get a lot off my chest and helped me to overcome my problems. I was able to move forward in my life and look at all the positives. It helped me overcome a lot in my life and sort my priorities out."
"I could not fully express the huge benefits I have had from these sessions. A very skilled practitioner."